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Which CMS is best Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress or etc

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I check the forum and did not see a topic addressing this issue. For new web designers it is important that they choose the right content management system for the type of site they intend to create. Today most new developers will start with a CMS open source website. Which should they choose? I specialize in joomla so I am bias. Which is your favorite and why?
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Joomla! is one of the best and most widely used CMS applications. Joomla is best for creating corporate websites or intranets, online magazines, community-based portals and more. Joomla has a tremendous list of build-in features as well as a large directory of extensions create by the joomla community for free and some at a cost.
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Drupal is great because of it's simplicity. Designers can easily build many different types of web pages - from simple web blogs to large online communities. Joomla design is more fancy tham Drupal! But it is very easy to customize and won the best open source CMS award in the past. Drupal has built-in search tool and search-engine friendly URL's as an extra module, discussion capabilities and news aggregator.

It totaly depends on what functionality you want to have. If the website is mainly text-based with a few minor functions added on, then you would go with WordPress. If you are interested in multimedia or more complex functionality then Joomla is a better option. Thus when it comes to build up a complex and robust website full of features and functionality, you should go with Drupal.


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Based on the type of application the CMS can be choosen...each CMS has its own advantages and disadvantage if it is for ecommerce then oscommerce , drupal or magento can be the best choice. wordpress is also the best and lightweight - it can be also used for emcommerce and blogs.

I would say all of them but first would be joomla its easy to use once you understand it.


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