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Title: WebSite Review Business Information Network
Post by: janjan on 01-18-2018, 01:56:08
I Request you to have a look at my website ( it is an open review website where anyone can write edit and suggest review, I do allow people to write engaging contents and get leads. I want you to review my website based on the following things.
1- How is my websites speed, did it load fast or it is a slow website.
2- How much you rank the overall Speed?
3- How was the Look of the website?
4- Do I need to change my websites look to make it more engaging.
5- Is my website user friendly or not?
6- can you find the interface engaging or it is complected?
7- What else do you suggest for this website?

P.S. You can write anything you want I mean any reviews about my website is appreciated.
Title: Re: WebSite Review Business Information Network
Post by: localflavourstours on 03-31-2018, 10:31:58
1. Loaded very fast

2. 95/100

3. Simple Enough

4. No, it's fair enough

5. Yes it is user friendly

6. Engaging

7. Only thing I would mention is, you need to consider adding some social share plugin so reader can share stories