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You need a website. What you generally do is go on YouTube and watch a 20 Minute video which absolutely makes no sense for you but yet you try and make one yourself without understanding the basics. You look at the end result and wonder 'It looks worse than my child's kindergarten drawings'. Well, a majority of people do the same thing and it's often let's say, is disappointing. The scope of this article is not to make you feel bad about your skill in website design. Here's the thing. If you're a rookie and know little or no coding these are the tips to make your own website without too much fuss. So let’s dive into it then:

1. Look for a domain and hosting service
There are tons of them. GoDaddy, Hostinger, AWS etc. But you might have to choose based on your needs. For example, go daddy and Hostinger provide more than enough plans for starters and they're easy to use. Once you've purchased a domain, which will be the web address for your website, the next thing on the book is getting hosting. Again, best option is either to go with Go Daddy or AWS, as their hosting is particularly good. It provides you an option to create website either using WordPress or through your own codes

Thanks for your information though there are many things to consider while optimizing a perfect website.

I'm going to do it! Many thanks for all your advice! How things are moving for me every day, I know that! Thank you once again! I like how much passion you put into your title!

Page Layout and Formatting.
Do Your Keyword Research.
Create Relevant Content.
Take Time to Consider and Plan Site Structure.
Navigation and User Experience.
Make Sure to Use Analytics Tools.
Optimize Title Tags.
Use Social Media as An Advantage.

Set your goals. (Most crucial step.) ...
Create content. Homepage content is your business value proposition. ...
Optimize the page for Search Engines (SEO). ...
Create an eye-catching header. ...
Build the menu/navigation. ...
Include Calls-to-Action (CTA). ...
Incorporate social media. ...
Create a footer.


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