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I work for a web publishing company and we are interested in acquiring original content websites.  We are less concerned with google ranking and look and feel of a site then the actual content.  We would like to see 10k+ words.  All content will be dup checked so please original content only.  The actual topic of the website isn't that important, but it has to have some value.  We are willing to pay up to $2000 for a site, but that would have to have some good content and look good as well. 

Please contact me if you have a website you would like to sell or any questions



Original content can't necessarily mean new content. Of course, if our  story is totally new, that’ll automatically mean it’s original. They are  recently started selling tickets to the Inca Trail. As one of the owners of Machu Picchu Travel used to the work as a guide on the Inca Trail, they have lots of stories, tons of beautiful pictures and all kinds of inside information to share with their audience.

Know your audience.
Follow the “inverted pyramid” model.
Write short, simple sentences.
Stick to active voice.
Show, don't tell.
Nix the jаrgon.
Mix up your word choice.
Make text scannable.


Technobase Solutions:
If you are looking to buy any website, then you should go to the platform where people are doing sell and buy activities, and you can simply get the website that you want through them. Also, if you are looking for good content, then you can hire a good content writer and make a good website that you want.


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