Yahoo Systematically Dropping Pages?

Author Topic: Yahoo Systematically Dropping Pages?  (Read 1873 times)

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Yahoo Systematically Dropping Pages?
« on: 05-27-2010, 12:54:48 »
Over the last so many days, my website's pages are being systematically dropped by Yahoo. I've been doing SEO work for a number of years for quite a few websites and this one has me stumped. I have 233 pages in my urllist.txt file. Three days ago, Y reported 122, yesterday 115, today 106.

I resubmitted the urllist.txt feed in Site Explorer. The "Title of Home Page" keeps changing and is whаck -- doesn't reflect what I have and not what ODP has.

Site has otherwise ranked fine on Y for years and continues to rank 1 - 3 on Goog and Bing for broad terms and long tail. Haven't done anything to the site in a while and haven't been adding any backlinks.

I read through some of the posts in Yahoo's "Site Explorer Suggestion Board" and see there may be others who may be having similar problems.

I emailed Yahoo support and got the usual canned message that points to all of their propaganda on how to do things right. I replied back to them several times showing them the things I'm seeing in Site Explorer but no response. Added a comment on their "Suggestion Board" but no response. Emailed "Customer Care" again with a request asking them to please look at what I had.

So here are my questions:

A) Did I miss doing something else? Any other opportunities to connect with the folks at Y to find out what the problem is?

B) How much longer do we have to wait until Yahoo pulls the plug on their algo and uses Bing's?

C) Are there any other type of forensics I can do to figure out why my site's pages are disappearing from Y's index?

D) Do I need to go through the 1378 Inlinks reported by Y Site Explorer with a fine tooth comb to see if there are any bad neighborhoods that may have linked to me?

My impression of this is Yahoo is having technical difficulties and I'm hoping all of this will correct itself in due time. In the same token, I don't want to wait too long to see and want to be proactive since Y was 16% of my traffic.

Lastly, here are the "Website Statistics" I get from Y's Site Explorer. Can any of you veterans tell me if you think this looks normal in light of the information I've provided here? Look very incomplete to me. Is this junk?

Crawled Pages: 385
All Known Pages: -
Known Hosts on This Site: -
Hosts linking to Site: 207
Domains linking to Site: -
Hosts Outlinked from Site: 34
Domains Outlinked from Site: -

Many many thanks for any assistance from any of the veterans here.

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Re: Yahoo Systematically Dropping Pages?
« Reply #1 on: 05-27-2010, 13:01:51 »
Hi jeans

I would be very interested in hearing about anything discover on this matter - I'm in exactly the same boat with my site.

Many Thanks


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