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3D Warehouse
Main Page of the 3D Warehouse
URL http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/
Slogan Search, share and store 3D models
Registration Optional
Available language(s) Muliple
Owner Google
Launched 2005
Current status Active

The 3D Warehouse is a website that works alongside Google Sketchup to provide a place where modelers can upload their models to the internet[1]. It was created on April 24, 2006.


It is possible for modelers to create collections of models in the website, and the website uses algorithms to determine similar models. Individual models can be viewed in 3D in the browser, and can also be downloaded or viewed in Google Earth or on Google Maps.

Google Earth

Users can select the option when uploading their models to verify if it is "Google Earth Ready," which should be checked if the building is a real, current, and correctly-located model of the building. If a "Google Earth Ready" model is submitted, within a few weeks, the model will go through a review of several Google employees who check the models qualifications under certain acceptance criteria[2]. If the model passes, it is added to the "3D Warehouse Layer," and will soon be visible within Google Earth itself by checking the box in the sidebar that is labeled "3D Buildings."


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