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Designed by David Fournier
Developer ADMB-Project
Stable release 9.0.363 (August 10, 2009; 361837851 ago)
Influenced by C++
OS Cross-platform
License New BSD License

ADMB or AD Model Builder is a free and open source software suite for non-linear statistical modeling.[1] It was created by David Fournier and now being developed by the ADMB Project, a creation of the non-profit ADMB Foundation. The "AD" in AD Model Builder refers to the automatic differentiation capabilities that come from the AUTODIF Library, a C++ language extension also created by David Fournier, which implements reverse mode automatic differentiation.[2] A related software package, ADMB-RE, provides additional support for modeling random effects.[3]


Features and use

ADMB has been estimated to perform faster at solving complex optimization problems than the numerical programming languages GAUSS, MATLAB, S-PLUS, and R.[4][5] Markov chain Monte Carlo methods are integrated into the ADMB software, making it useful for Bayesian modeling.[6] In addition to Bayesian hierarchical models, ADMB provides support for modeling random effects in a frequentist framework using Laplace approximation and importance sampling.[3]

ADMB is widely used by scientists in academic institutions, government agencies, and international commissions,[7] most commonly for ecological modeling. In particular, many fisheries stock assessment models have been built using this software.[8] ADMB is freely available under the New BSD License,[9] with versions available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems. Source code for ADMB was made publicly available in March, 2009.[10] [11]

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