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ALCOR is an early computer language definition created by the ALCOR Group, a consortium of universitites, research institutions and manufacturers in Europe and the USA which was founded in 1959 and which had 60 members in 1966. The group had the aim of a common compiler specification for a subset of ALGOL 60 after the ALGOL meeting in Copenhagen in 1958. ALCOR is an acronym, from ALGOL Converter.

In Europe, a high level machine architecture for ALGOL 60 was devised which was emulated on various real computers, among them the Siemens 2002 and the IBM 7090. An ALGOL manual was published which provided a detailed introduction of all features of the language with many program snippets, and four appendixes:

This article contains Unicode 5.2 "Miscellaneous Technical" characters. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of something like "10" (Decimal Exponent Symbol U+23E8).
  1. Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language ALGOL 60
  2. Report on Subset ALGOL 60 (IFIP)
  3. Report on Input-Output Procedures for ALGOL 60
  4. an early "standard" character set for representing ALGOL 60 code on paper and paper tape.
This character set included the unusual "᛭" (iron/runic cross) character for multiplication and the "⏨" (Decimal Exponent Symbol) for floating point notation.


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