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AMS-LaTeX is a collection of LaTeX document classes and packages developed for the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Its additions to LaTeX include the typesetting of multi-line and other mathematical statements, document classes, and fonts containing numerous mathematical symbols.[1]

It has largely superseded the plain TeX macro package AMS-TeX. AMS-TeX was originally written by Michael Spivak, and was used by the AMS from 1983 to 1985.

The following code of the LaTeX2e produces the AMS-LaTeX logo (File:AMS-LaTeX.svg):

%%% -- AMS-LaTeX_logo.tex -------

%%% +----1----+----2----+----3---

The package has a suite of facilities to format multi-line equations. For example, the following code,

   y &= (x+1)^2 \\
     &= x^2+2x+1

causes the equals signs in the two lines to be aligned with one another, like this:

   y &= (x+1)^2 \\
     &= x^2+2x+1


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  1. George Gratzer (1996). Math into LaTeX. ISBN 0-8176-3805-9. Retrieved 2007-10-08. 

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