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ASCIIMathML is a client-side mathematical markup language for displaying mathematical expressions in web browsers.

Using the JavaScript script ASCIIMathML.js, ASCIIMathML markup is converted to MathML at the time the page is loaded by the browser, natively in Mozilla Firefox and via a plug-in in IE7. The simplified markup language supports a subset of the LaTeX language instructions, as well as a much less verbose syntax (which, for example, replaces "\times" with "xx" to produce the "×" symbol). Both syntaxes are vastly less verbose than the raw MathML. The resulting MathML mathematics can be styled by applying CSS to class "mstyle".

The script ASCIIMathML.js is freely available under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The latest version also includes support for SVG graphics, natively in Mozilla Firefox and via a plug-in in IE7.

Now (May 2009) there is a new version available at This new version still contains the original ASCIIMathML and LaTeXMathML as developed by Peter Jipsen, but the ASCIIsvg part has been extended with linear-logaritmic, logaritmic-linear, logaritmic-logaritmic, polar graphs and pie charts, normal and stacked bar charts, different functions like integration and differentiation and a series of event trapping functions, buttons and sliders, in order to create interactive lecture material and exams online in web pages. Demonstrations of most features can be found at We will try to give an overview of all websites involved in ASCIIMathML on this website.

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