ASF+SDF Meta Environment

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ASF+SDF Meta-Environment
Developer(s) SEN1 [1] group at the CWI [2]
Stable release 2.0.1 / 08 September 2008
Operating system Linux, Unix
Type program transformation system
License BSD, LGPL

The ASF+SDF Meta-Environment is an IDE and toolset for interactive program analysis and transformation. It combines SDF (Syntax Definition Formalism), ASF (Algebraic Specification Formalism) and other technologies.

Some of the features:

  • Program analysis
  • Program transformation
  • Generation of interactive programming environments (IDEs)
  • Visualization of parse trees
  • pretty printer generation


  • MetaStudio, the IDE
  • PGEN parse table generator
  • Scannerless GLR parser (SGLR) for parsing terms over SDF grammars
  • SGLR parser generator for SDF
  • ASF, allows term rewriting and automatic generic tree traversals
  • ATerms for generic data representation
  • ApiGen, generates strongly typed APIs in C and Java
  • ToolBus architecture for connecting the various tools

The ToolBus is a component interconnection architecture (somewhat like D-Bus or CORBA) based on a process algebra formalism. ATerms is a generic data representation format that is very efficient in terms of resource usage, due to maximal subterm sharing and automatic garbage collection. It is used throughout most of the tools in the toolset, and APIs are provided in C and Java so developers can use it in their own applications.

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