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AT&T Internet Services is a d/b/a name for 5 companies that provide Internet service.


The following companies provide AT&T Yahoo! Internet service:

The following company provides AT&T FastAccess Internet service in the Southeast United States:

E-mail addresses from these companies typically end in "", with older addresses retaining, respectively:

AT&T Yahoo!

AT&T Yahoo! logo, 2005-2008

AT&T Yahoo! is an information service sold by AT&T Internet Services. It is a partnership between AT&T, Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. to provide co-branded dial-up and DSL Internet service.

The AT&T Yahoo! high-speed service is only offered to customers who receive telephone service from AT&T in the former SBC service areas. Customers of the former BellSouth will still be provided broadband under the FastAccess DSL service during AT&T's integration of BellSouth.

From 2003 to January 1, 2006, the ISP was known as SBC Yahoo!; due to the SBC and AT&T merger, its name was changed.

Other ISPs owned by AT&T include Prodigy, whose customers were urged to migrate to the SBC Yahoo! service, and AT&T WorldNet, which still exists after the SBC/AT&T merger to serve customers not in SBC's existing service areas. AT&T also used to provide broadband Internet through cable under its AT&T Broadband division; that division was sold to Comcast in 2002.

Yahoo! also provides Internet service with other companies besides AT&T, such as Verizon and Rogers Communications in Canada as Verizon Yahoo! and Rogers Yahoo!, with BT Yahoo! in the UK for BT Group respectively.

As of April 2008 the partnership between AT&T and Yahoo! has ended (for new customers?).[citation needed] The new term for the former AT&T Yahoo! Internet is AT&T High Speed Internet.[citation needed]

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