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Type Private
Founded 2001
Headquarters Sherman Oaks, California, USA
Key people Daniel Yomtobian-President & CEO

ABCSearch (a subsidiary of Internext Media Corp.) is an internet based private company that provides online pay-per-click advertising campaigns for advertisers and ad agency clients to generate consumer leads and sales. Revenue is primarily earned from online advertising by delivering contextual and search ad listings based on pre-determined targets and criteria, to third-party ad networks and marketing affiliates.


Company history

The ABCSearch founders have been in the online ad industry since 1995. ABCSearch is a subsidiary of Internext Media Corp. based in Encino, California. ABCSearch launched in early 2001 and is an alternative to Google with over five billion searches per month and geotargeting[1]. In November 2007 ABCSearch signed a search distribution deal with Yahoo to expand access in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

In March 2008 ABCSearch acquired social search engine[2]. While at ad: tech San Francisco in April, ABCSearch announced a major partnership with AdWatcher, a third party service that helps businesses manage and optimize their online advertising campaigns[3].

In July 2008 ABCSearch relaunched Aftervote as[4], offering cash incentives for users to comment on results.



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