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Abundance is a Forth-inspired programming language for DOS, created by Roedy Green.



Roedy Green implemented Abundance in 1981 as a platform for data entry and management, as part of the volunteer work he was doing for The Hunger Project in Canada.[1]

The name is a reference to the goal of "serving charities working to create an Abundance of food water and shelter on the planet", and was coined by Esther Palivoda. (Roedy originally planned to call it "Enough".)


One unconventional feature of Abundance is the use of continuations to implement data entry form navigation, in a process known as "jaunting".[1] Jaunting works by saving a continuation for every data field that the user enters, and restoring the associated continuation when a particular field needs to be made active.

This approach allows complicated data validation rules to be written in a simple linear style, while allowing the user to jump between fields in a non-linear fashion.



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