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Accoona is a New Jersey based-internet company. Their main product is a search engine that claims to use artificial intelligence to better understand searches. On June 23, 2005, in the ABC Times Square studios, the AI Accoona Toolbar, driven by a Fritz 9 prototype, drew against the 33rd World Chess Champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov. In addition to traditional searches, it allows business profile searches, and its signature "SuperTarget" feature. Their exclusive partnership with China Daily, a large Chinese internet portal, was seen as a highly strategic move.

The CEO of Accoona is Valentine J. Zammit, formerly of 24/7 Real Media and Doubleclick.

After IPO problems, Accoona shuttered their doors on October 5, 2008 [1].

In October 2008 the web page said: "Dear Accoona search users, Due to an overwhelmingly competitive search market, and will no longer be active. We thank you for your previous support. Sincerely, Accoona Management."

Accoona Domains and Search Facilities is acquired by Masterseek B2B Search Engine on October 30, 2008


Accoona provides the search technology to the Chinese portals and Sohu. They also formed a 20-year exclusive partnership with China Daily. Through this partnership, with China Daily and its widespread Chinese affiliates, Accoona expects 10 million hits daily from the otherwise isolated Chinese user base.

Accoona signed a million dollar deal with FAST Search from Norway to help enhance their rankings.


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