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ad pepper media International N.V.
Type Corporation
Founded 1999
Headquarters Nuremberg, Germany
Number of locations 19
Key people Ulrich Schmidt, Jens Körner, Niels Nüssler, Michael Alexander Carton
Industry Online Advertising
Revenue EUR 50.6 million (2007)
Operating income EUR 6.35 million EBITDA (2007)
Divisions Isense,Webgains, Mediasquares, Emediate, Adagents

ad pepper media International N.V. is a public company based in Nuremberg, Germany. The company has 16 offices in 10 countries across Europe & USA.

ad pepper media operates as an online advertising company with services in display advertising including semantic targeting, lead generation, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, ad serving and search engine marketing.

ad pepper media's initial public offering took place on 9 October 2000. The company is listed on the stock market and its shares are traded in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. (SIN: 940 883) ,[1] [2]

ad pepper media has carried out a number of acquisitions and divestments.


Date Company Details
2001 Pentamind[3] a Copenhagen based internet technology company
2002 Falk eSolutions AG a minority interest was acquired
2003 Macati S.a.r.l[4] a Paris based online marketing company
Clickit S.R.L a Milan based marketing consultancy
2004 dMarc Broadcasting Inc. an interest in US based radio advertising network
2005 ResultOnline an Utrecht based contextual advertising company
Nedstat basic[5] the free web analytics tool produced by Nedstat
mediasquares GMBH[6] a Düsseldorf based premium advertising agency
2006 Crystal Reference Systems Limited[7] a Holyhead based developer of semantic advertising technology
Webgains Limited[8] a London based affiliate marketing company
Globase a Copenhagen based e-mail marketing technology company
2007 Emediate ApS[9] a Scandinavian ad serving technology company
Ad Agents GmbH[10] a Herrenberg based search engine marketing company


Date Company Details
2006 dMarc Broadcasting Inc.[11] interest sold to Google Inc.
Falk eSolutions AG[12] interest sold to DoubleClick


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