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Adam Ginsberg is a guruTemplate:Peacock term of internet marketing. He has promoted software for marketing on Myspace and training on selling on ebay. He has written the book 'How to buy, sell and profit on eBay.'[1], along with other titles, which were published by Nightingale Conant.[2]

Prior to venturing into sales on eBay, Ginsberg ran a business in San Diego selling pool tables. Although he claims to have been initially skeptical about selling through eBay, in 2001 he placed a pool table for sale on the service and met success.[3]

As a result he continued to engage in eBay sales, expanding his online business and eventually closing his physical store.[4] [5] By the end of 2002 Ginsberg had been named as eBay's "number-one new seller", and he is said to have sold over $20 million worth of products through the online service.[6] [7][8]

In 2005 Ginsberg released How to buy, sell and profit on eBay.[3]


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