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Arkham Development's Antiryad Gx is a software development tool that attempts to solve the different problems that game designers may be confronted with during the development of a video game.

It was developed for the purpose of helping the artist edit the levels of a real-time game by means of an integrated toolset within a standalone development package. Antiryad Gx is both a tool for games creation and a multi-platform 3D engine—especially important as video games increasingly work in three dimensions, and most video equipment can make use of 3D acceleration hardware and firmware.

A BASIC-type language is embedded and has more than 2800 documented commands available. All programming and computer graphics resources are completely platform independent, so that a product developed in compliance with the Antiryad API should work without modifications on all other supported platforms (such as MS-DOS, Amiga, Mac, Linux and Windows).

More than 2700 pages of documentation are included with the software development suite and this describes all available functions for programmers, artists and developers.

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