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The Asahiru problem (アサヒる問題) refers to a series of debates and controversies that emerged on the Japanese Internet following an article published by the Japanese newspaper Asahi shimbun on 24 September 2007 about former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The controversy revolves on the use of the Japanese expression "asahiru" (アサヒる), which came to be used as a way of criticizing or parodying Asahi Shimbun. This entry explains the root of the word "asahiru" as well as defines it, and provides information on the background leading to popularization of this expression.


Meaning of the word "asahiru"

Definition: A fabrication. To make something up[1]. To bully relentlessly. To insistently attack people whose views are not in line with your own. For example, "Don't asahi!" means "Don't fabricate it!".

The word "asahi-ru" is a Group II verb in Japanese. See Japanese consonant and vowel verbs.


Misinformation and fabrications by Asahi newspaper



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