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Developer(s) Gyrofly, Inc.
Stable release 4.3.0 / December 7, 2009
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform PHP
Type Online store management system
License Proprietary

Associate-O-Matic, developed by Gyrofly, Inc., is a commercial online store management system for Associates. It is PHP-based, using the Apache web server and XML. There are both free and subscription versions available.

According to the official website, Associate-O-Matic allows one to build and customize a complete Associate store in just a few minutes. The store can be standalone or supplement an existing website or blog. There are dozens of settings for the customization of both the appearance of the store as well as the categories and items that are featured. These categories include: Apparel, Baby, Beauty, Books, Computers, DVDs, Electronics, Gourmet Food, Health, Jewelry, Kitchen, Magazines, Music, Office, Outdoor, Photo, Software, Sporting Goods, Tools, Toys, VHS, Games and Wireless[1]

It supports stores based on,,, and


  1. Associate-O-Matic Features

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