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Jump to: navigation, search is an online software retailer founded in 1998 that offers retail box and direct downloads of software titles from a variety of manufacturers including Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Symantec, and others., LLC is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been awarded Future 50 status by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) in 2002, 2003 and 2005.[1][2] They were also honored by the Milwaukee Business Journal in 2005 with a Mid-Market Growth Award, which recognizes the fastest growing Milwaukee-area midsize companies for their outstanding achievements in increasing revenue growth over the past three years.[citation needed]

In 2001, the company notified approximately 500 of its customers that credit card numbers had been stolen from it, advising them to contact their credit card providers, and noting that the thief had attempted to divert money from a corporate credit card to Indonesia. A spokesman for the company stated that it had responded to this by bringing in the FBI and taking "measures to make sure this can't happen again".[3]

2006 saw rapid expansion at with the company increasing its product line from software only to video games, computer hardware, and consumer electronics. It was also in this year that the company was recognized in the Top 500 Guide by where they currently rank #207.[4]

In early March 2007,'s banking institution "called" the loan that had been provided to the company.[5] The bank stated that the terms of the loan were not met and swept all current cash of the company's bank accounts. This caused a ripple effect where vendors and employees were not getting paid, or having checks being returned as NSF. This resulted in the reduction of the workforce to 4 employees, through a combination of resignations and layoff. The company employed nearly 40 employees during its peak.[6]

Claiming that had been selling unauthorized versions of its software since 2000, Microsoft sued the company in federal court. Microsoft claims in the lawsuit that the "distributions were not isolated incidents" and that "at a minimum, (the) defendants were willfully blind and acted in reckless disregard of Microsoft's copyright and registered marks."[6] It stated that it notified of infringing activities prior to the lawsuit, but Boldin claims there was no such notification until the company was served with a lawsuit.[7]

According to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, numerous claims have been filed by former employees. In late March 2007, Boldin reports to be "continuously fighting" to release payroll funds that were a part of the sweep earlier that month. As of August 2007, all has been resolved. continues fulfill orders and accepts PayPal payments for merchandise advertised as in-stock and shipping same-day. continues to provide customer service, although only through email. Customers can reach by contacting The Better Business Bureau has also recently revoked's membership.


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