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Rapid Email Sender
Developer(s) ASTGD
Stable release 10.30 / 2009-03-03
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English
Type Email marketing
License Shareware

Rapid Email Sender is a product of ASTGD. The first version was published in 2008. It is a group mail sending software for Microsoft Windows.


How it works

Atomic Mail Sender works like an ordinary e-mail client, but with group mail sending, personalization and tracking features.


Rapid Email Sender comes with the following features:

  • unlimited number of mailing lists and messages
  • support of all SMTP servers types
  • internal WYSIWYG HTML Edtior
  • built-in Unsubscriber
  • database support
  • newsletter tracking facility
  • Direct mail sending

Version history

Current version is 10.30 (published in March 2009). [1]

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