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Attributor is a subscription based Internet-monitoring web service targeted at publishers. Attributor also offers a free service - FairShare - for bloggers through a partnership with Creative Commons.

Developer(s) Attributor Corporation
Platform Internet
Type Digital distribution



Attributor digitally fingerprints each piece of content (a paragraph, an image, a video) to uniquely identify the content based on its essential features. Each content owner can define permitted use of their original content, such as how much can be copied, what kind of attribution is required and whether and on what terms commercial use is permitted. Attributor’s system then scans over 30 billion [1] pages on the Internet, reports back the instances where the content has been copied and estimates the size of the audience that has viewed the piece.


Attributor's web crawler ignores the robots exclusion standard and spoofs its user agent string. This is common, and arguably necessary, for Internet monitors, but webmasters may choose to block it more aggressively.[2]

FairShare crawlers honor the robots exclusion standard and identify the user agent string clearly.[citation needed]


Attributor was founded in 2005 by Jim Brock, and Jim Pitkow. It received Series C funding in April, 2007 totaling $ 12 Million led by JAFCO Ventures and previous investors Sigma Partners and First Round Capital.


A handful of companies are trying to weed out unauthorized uses of content online, each focused on a specific content type.
Text: Copyscape uses the Google Web APIs to find copies of your site elsewhere on the Web. The free Copyscape service permits up to 20 searches per site per month but there is a premium service if you require more.
Images: Picscout and Corrigon provide image copyright owners with periodic reports about potential clients who may not have realized they actually need to pay to use the image
Music: Audible Magic provides registration services to owners of music. Registering your creative works in Audible Magic’s database will reduce chances for your works to be pirated.[citation needed]
Video: Vobile and Auditude provide similar services for media and entertainment companies to protect their content online

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