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Avactis Shopping Cart
File:Avactis shopping cart.jpg
Developer(s) Pentasoft Corp Development Team
Stable release 1.9.0 / January 1, 2010; 341258499 ago
Written in PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Type E-commerce, Webshop
Licence Free / Proprietary
Website http://www.avactis.com/

Avactis is a open source ecommerce software solution (webshop).

The software is sold either as a leased (monthly payments) or retail version.[1] The full source codes and a free version with limited functionality [2] are available at no cost.

Avactis Shopping Cart has several different editions: Avactis free edition, Avactis owned license, Avactis monthly leased license and Avactis White Label (Private Label) Edition [3].

The Avactis team was established in 2001 by Pentasoft Corporation [4]. The company's headquarters are located in New York.

Pentasoft is MySQL Enterprise Ready Partner of MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems [5]. Avactis is integrated into Parallels Plesk Panel [6].



Products, pricing, real time shipping, etc. are managed by the store administrator through the administration area.

One of the Avactis features is the Avactis Tag technology [7] , various dynamic parts of Avactis storefront can be integrated into an existing website through inserting of simple Tags into static pages. All Avactis Tags are described in the Avactis Tag Library (ATL) [8].

Other important features include: [9] [10]

  • Automatic web-based installation wizard
  • Easy integration of an online store into an existing design or website.
  • Built-in Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer Reviews module
  • QuickBooks export
  • US zip based taxes, GB, Australia and Canada taxes support
  • Advanced Newsletter management
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Language (export and import of language text labels)
  • Digital Content delivery system (downloadable products)
  • Newsletter manager
  • Advanced marketing and sales reports (with Microsoft Excel export)
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Performance optimization (the cart is not resource-heavy)
  • Multiple storefronts. Merchants can have one admin area and many storefronts
  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Unique design for any category or product
  • Strong Blowfish (cipher) and RSA encryption of sensitive data
  • Fully PCI DSS-compliant design
  • Intelligent automatic upgrade system
  • 39+ payment methods support (including Maestro payment systems)


The Avactis development team was formed in 2001 by Pentasoft Corporation development team. The current stable releases of Avactis is 1.9.0. Development of Avactis began on 28 December, 2001.

System Requirements

Avactis shopping cart system is built around PHP technology using MySQL to store data.

  • Web server should support PHP version 4.3.0 or higher
  • Web server should support MySQL version 4.0.2 or higher.
  • Avactis Shopping Cart supports web servers running PHP 5 and MySQL 5
  • Amount of memory available to PHP processes should be at least 32MB
  • SSH (Secure Shell) access or Cron job management is required for backup and restore
  • Apache mod_rewrite module is required for SEO URLs support

Some of the features within Avactis require additional technologies, which may or may not already be provided by whichever hosting service you choose: HTTPS (security certificate), SSH (secure shell) access or Cron job management, the Apache mod_rewrite module. All reputable Web hosting services provide these components [11].

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