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For the municipality in Spain: Ayna.

Ayna means Where in the Arabic language, and it is also the name of an Arabic language search engine that was launched April 15, 1997 (source:Whois database). The site started with an Internet directory service published in Arabic with the following encodings: CP1256, ISO 8859-6, and an image format. By 2002, the company adopted UTF-8 as its main Arabic encoding format.

In the Arabic search field, Ayna relied on an in-house software called at that time "nathra". Nathra, written in Perl, allowed Ayna to index and search Arabic content in the supported Arabic encodings. Nathra continued to be in use by Ayna until 2005, after which it migrated to a FAST search engine solution, after porting the Arabic linguistics to the new platform.

Operations and history

  • Ayna Launches J2ME Mobile Map application for the Middle East - January 2009
  • Ayna First to Launch Online Map Service for the Middle East - July 2008
  • Ayna adds GeoRSS support to News - July 2008
  • Ayna adds OpenSearch support - June 2007
  • Ayna celebrates 10th Birthday - June 2007
  • Ayna launches first contextual ad service for MENA region - March 2007
  • Ayna launches a set of new services and improvement under the "Beirut release" - March 2007
  • Ayna sponsors 3rd Arabic Search Engine Conference (SSH, EG) - March 2007
  • Ayna sign marketing agreement with Aljazeera.net - January 2007
  • Ayna launches (jawal.ayna.com)mobile service - December 2006
  • Ayna sponsors 2nd Arabic Search Engine Conference (SSH, EG) - March 2006
  • Ayna signs contract with Fast Search & Transfer - January 2006
  • Ayna sponsors 1st Arabic Search Engine Conference (SSH, EG) - February 2005
  • Research by ARADO proclaimed Ayna as the only Arabic search engine online - February 2005
  • Ayna unveils new look - December 2005
  • Ayna ranked in top 1000 by Alexa.com - June 2000
  • Ayna receives IWA reader's Choice Award - February 1998
  • Ayna launches first Arabic search engine - July 1997
  • Ayna establishes internet presence - May 1997

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Parent Company: Ayna Corporation

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