BBEdit Lite

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BBEdit Lite
Developer(s) Bare Bones Software
Stable release 6.1.2 / 2001-10-02
Operating system Mac OS, Mac OS X
Development status Discontinued
Type text editor
License freeware

BBEdit Lite was a freeware text editor by Bare Bones Software, created as a low-cost, stripped-down or "lightweight" version of their flagship product BBEdit. BBEdit Lite had many of the same features as BBEdit such as regular expressions, a plug-in architecture and the same text editing engine. However, BBEdit Lite lacked programming and web-oriented tools such as syntax highlighting, a command line shell, HTML tools or FTP access.

Bare Bones stopped development on BBEdit Lite and replaced it with the commercial TextWrangler product[when?], which was an enhanced version of BBEdit Lite. Several years later[when?], TextWrangler was made available at no charge. BBEdit Lite remains available for Mac OS Classic but is unsupported on Mac OS X.

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