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Commercial? Yes
Type of site Social network service
Target group teenagers, college students
Registration Open up to age of 30
Available language(s) Slovak, Czech
Owner Perex, a.s.
Created by Tomas Abaffy

BIRDZ or BIRDZ.SK is a social networking site for Slovak teenagers and students. Registration is free and open for all users age between 11 and 29 years. Users create accounts, with their own Webpage, Blog, Photos, they can show their talent, discuss everything what is in teenager's head in forum with other young people or meet students in the same age, and make new friendships.



BIRDZ.SK was launched on 4 December 2000 as a student's ezine. After a huge relaunch BIRDZ became one of the first community portals in Slovakia. The Portal was designed and developed by freelance web designer and college student Tomas Abaffy, who is sole owner of the company. In February 2008 portal was bought by Perex, a.s. publishing house, subsidiary of Northcliffe International.

Tomas Abaffy

Tomas Abaffy, autor of

Tomas Abaffy (born 5 November 1982, Bojnice, Slovakia) is a graphic designer and Web designer. He created BIRDZ in 2000. In 2004 he co-founded (with Radoslav Augustin) the media news server Medi├í which was sold to a publishing company in 2006. He is also known for his famous status message on BIRDZ: "Since I eat less meat and more vegetables, I feel happier. Maybe meat causes sadness. Maybe the suffering of the dying animal goes to his flesh. :D".

User base

BIRDZ has now about 90000 registered teen users, mostly aged from 13 to 26 years old. It is the largest portal of this kind in Slovakia. Users upload thousands of photos, write almost thousand blogs and send a large amount of internal messages every week.

Competitors is largest dating/chatting portal in Slovakia, according to AIM Monitor (Gemius) is a social network of clubbers, charges membership fee. is social networking utility of user which communicate and share their experiences between friends and family.

External links homepage history article about history of the project (in slovak language)

PEREX a.s.

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