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Type Subsidiary of Aegis Media
Founded Boston, MA (1997)
Headquarters Boston, New York, Paris, London
Key people - Alison Kuryla, General Manager
- Jonathan Rock, Global Product Support Manager/Account Manager
- Meena Patel, Client Services and Operations Manager - Europe
- Chris Cloney, Sales Director, Bluestreak
- Laurent Oppenheim, Sales and Business Development - Europe
Industry Online advertising
Products Bluestreak Ad Server

Bluestreak[1], part of Aegis Media, is a software manager which provides digital marketing services, including ad serving, tracking reports, and advanced analytics. Bluestreak's clients include Bank of America, Carat, iProspect, Range Online, Slingshot, Universal McCann, and WPP. Bluestreak is a third-party ad server focused on ad agencies and advertisers. Its headquarters are in Watertown, Massachusetts with affiliate offices in New York, Paris, and London.



Originally founded in 1997 by Eric Picard[2], John Croy, Stefan Tornquist[3], and Annette Tonti[4]. Bluestreak was one of the first rich media advertising technology companies. By 2001, Bluestreak controlled the greatest market share in rich media and drove much technological innovation from 1997 to 2001. In 2006, UK-based Aegis Media bought Bluestreak[5] and created a full-service digital marketing network. Currently, Bluestreak is the 9th largest Ad Server in the world with over 8 billion impressions per month and servicing 100 clients. [6]

Reports & Analytics

Bluestreak software allows for optimization of digital marketing campaigns as it tracks ad exposure to present insights into the multiple sights, views, and channels that all lead to conversions.

Real Time Results

Bluestreak ad serving software provides real time data every 20 minutes, allowing for campaign adjustments on the fly. This is an important feature as it allows a client to adjust an advertising campaign while it runs, instead of after it finishes.

Rich Media

Bluestreak is an important player in the ad serving landscape as it is the oldest rich media ad server on the market today. The software allows clients to track video/audio, flash, layered ads, and interactive ads. Bluestreak ad server enables both placement management and creative rotation of rich media formats.


Bluestreak is an important software tool as the digital marketing industry continues to expand. The software allows clients to track display, rich media, search, etc.


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