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Bob Servant is the fictional author of the book Delete This At Your Peril. The book is a collection of email exchanges between Servant and Internet Spammers and was released in the UK in 2007 and the USA in 2008. Servant's alter-ego is the writer Neil Forsyth.

Delete This At Your Peril

The email exchanges in the book are genuine exchanges[1] between Bob Servant and a series of Internet spammers, largely from Africa[2] and Russia. They are characterised by Servant's increasingly surreal contributions and growing frustration on the part of the spammers. Servant talks to the spammers about his life in Broughty Ferry, a suburb of Dundee which is also the hometown of Forsyth. Forsyth has described the emails as a "slightly strange hobby"[3]. On publication the character of Bob Servant was compared to that of John Shuttleworth[4] and a number of reviewers drew comparison to Henry Root, the creation of Willie Donaldson.


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