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Boogami is a search engine that was developed by James Wildish, a sixteen year old college student from Kent in United Kingdom. It combines a search engine with a pixel advertising grid that appears every time someone uses Boogami to search the Internet, and for the fact that it offers free pixel advertising to charities.

James approached the Where On Earth Group and internet marketing specialists Divadani for help in launching Boogami and making it a success. As a result, the British media[1][2] soon picked up on the story and with the media coverage received, Boogami quickly grew in popularity.

However, it no longer works. Every search term returns: "Your Search produced No Results".


Pixel Advertising & Income

To date boogami has sold 1 millions pixels, making it work 1 million pounds. Income is also coming from sources such as boogami life.

1 Million Pounds has been made over the past year.

Boogami Life

In November 2008, James launched Boogami Life, a social networking site with a number of unique features. Businesses would be able to promote themselves by messaging all members of Boogami Life, providing an extremely powerful marketing tool. Boogami Life would actively participate and raise money for good causes and people could make direct appeals to all members to help find missing persons. Members would also be provided with opportunities to make money through a number of income streams as membership grows.


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