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Slogan Gossip for the hardcore:Henny without any coke
Type of site Gossip Site
Available language(s) English
Launched April 2006
Revenue Ads
Current status Active

Bossip is an online gossip and entertainment magazine with an urban sensibility. The site is owned by Moguldom Media Group whose owners are private. Bossip is considered to be one of the more visible and successful blogs focusing on African-American celebrities[1].[citation needed]




Bossip has interviewed celebrities such as Kanye West, Janet Jackson, Sanaa Lathan, Russell Simmon and Damon Dash. Another exclusive interview Bossip had done is with Kim Kardashian, talking about her life, career, relationships and the infamous sex tape with R&B singer and younger brother of Brandy, Ray J[2]

Notable mentions

The site has been mentioned by larger and more influential media outlets such as New York Daily News,, GQ Magazine, Vibe Magazine, and Gawker.


In October, 2006, Bossip published its first annual Style Awards with Diddy getting the title as best dressed African-American celebrity and Serena Williams as worst dressed[3].

Two months later in December, Bossip published a new "award" for most annoying celebrity of 2006 with R&B/Pop singer and actress Beyoncé Knowles as 1st position, Actor Taye Diggs at 10th position and rapper Kanye West with an honorable mention[4].


Bossip's credibility has been called into question after it cited inside sources in their story that Nevaeh Crawford aka KRAZY from the Flavor of Love television show would win the second season. She was later eliminated from the show. And also for its tarnishing articles written about African American's "Kimora & ‘Brother Darkness’ at Fashion Week", one of many, in reference to actor Djimon Hounsou on his skin complexion, February 16th, 2009.


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