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Jump to: navigation, search is a video entertainment community and live webcam social network. The site allows users to create personal profiles, post pictures, upload videos, and chat with the site's other users through a live webcam chat feature. User uploaded video clips can be rated, and the ratings and number of views are published. The site also allows users to embed their live webcam streams into other websites. In addition to the user provided content, produces their own video news clips, and provides 3rd party content such as full-length movies, movie trailers, music videos, musician database, and online flash games. Broadcaster News is's very own pop culture news show. The daily show is hosted by actress Amy Paffrath and features all the latest gossip, red carpet events, exclusive Hollywood parties, music news, and viral vids of the day. The show's review segment is hosted by Andrew Wollman. Broadcaster News recently aired its 200th episode. The crew consists of writer/producers Becky Bain and Seth Goldsmith, director Andy Ryz, and sound technical Michael Miller. Some of the site's video content is formatted to be downloaded to mobile devices such as Sony’s PSP or Apple’s iPod.



In June 2006, IMSI, a developer and publisher of precision design and consumer software solutions, made a strategic decision to become a “pure play” Internet company. The company began divesting its software publishing divisions, made certain key acquisitions, and began operations under the name Broadcaster, Inc.[1][2] On November 22, 2006, the website was officially launched. Broadcaster has reported rapid growth since its inception. The number of monthly unique visitors grew from 4.7 million in November to 13.5 million in December and reached 25.4 million for January 2007. However, as of January 2008, measurement service Quantcast showed just over 319,000 unique visitors. [3][4][5]

The Swedish version of the site called has already gained nearly six million users.

Software also offers software downloads for their community; the tools available are:

iGrab – A media search tool allowing users to find, download and organize videos and images directly onto their local hard drive. This tool not only works on the Broadcaster site, it also can be configured for any number of other popular new media sites.

StudioPRO – A video utility that enables users to capture any video that is playing on their screen, including live web streams or downloaded video clips. Users can then create new compilations which they can rebroadcast onto the web through their webcams.

Deskbar – A desktop tool that allows users to receive instant notifications of the availability of new videos, member messages and breaking news on the Broadcaster site.

Parental Control – This tool ensures that only authenticated users are able to access mature content while surfing the Internet.

News and media

Videomail - Created in 2007. A feature that enables website members to send video messages, via email inbox.

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