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Bullseye is a discontinued desktop computer program from Intelliseek.

It is a desktop web metasearch engine, web page content change analysis tracker and notification program by Intelliseek.

It has two versions, BullsEye Pro (with Tracker) and Bullseye Plus.

It runs on Windows 98, 2000 and XP.

First released in September 1998, BullsEye was the first Internet software to combine guided, intelligent search, analysis and management of web-based information with automated tracking and alerts for changes in a single integrated application. It has powerful search agents and completely automates the retrieval of new information in all areas of user interest. In addition, it taps into 1000+ search engines and databases on the Web in a single step.


The last version of BullsEye (v 3.0) has these features:

  • Government agent accesses over 100+ US Government search engines.
  • Comprehensive search sources in a single application - 1000+ for BullsEye Pro and 800+ for BullsEye Plus.
  • Ability to search Web content in several languages, including French, Spanish and Russian.
  • SurfSaver integration allows permanent copy of web pages, saving web pages with formatting and the capability to search a website with the incorporated spidering BullsEye Tracker (Pro feature only) can track information at the site, page or item level or track what's new within a specified date range and then send e-mail or pager alerts when information changes.
  • Organises search results by concepts and fine-grained filtering techniques.
  • Multiple report formats, including XML and HTML compact.

Current functionality

Current functionality (as of January 2008)

  • Web page tracking - Still has a high level of functionality for most page types.
  • Search engine based searches - Nil to limited for search engine based searches as there have been changes in the way that online search engines such as Google, yahoo etc receive search requests since bullseye was last updated, therefore the program is incompatible with most search engines.

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