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Caspio, Inc.
Type Private
Founded Mountain View, CA, USA (2000)
Headquarters Mountain View, CA, USA
Key people Frank Zamani, CEO, Founder
Industry Software Technology
Products Caspio Bridge

Caspio, Inc. is a provider of a web database application building platform called Caspio Bridge. The company also develops pre-built web applications. It is classified as both a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider.

The company has a wide array of customers, including Fortune-500 corporations, digital media companies, government agencies, educational institutions, small businesses, non-profits, and individual entrepreneurs. They claim that over 80% of America’s largest newspapers use Caspio Bridge.

Caspio was founded in 2000 by Frank Zamani, who is currently its President and CEO. The company released the first version of Caspio Bridge in 2001. Corporate headquarters are located in Mountain View, California. Caspio, Inc. is a privately-held corporation. [1]


Caspio Bridge

Caspio’s primary service, Caspio Bridge, is a web-based database platform that allows users to create interactive web applications without the need for programming. The database platform is designed to allow tech-savvy business users to create web forms, databases, and enterprise management applications. [2]

The platform utilizes point-and-click wizards. By eliminating programming and hardware, application building becomes faster and more affordable. The web-based software guides users through building custom applications by combining web forms, database searches, reports, widgets, password protection, mobile applications, and email triggers.

Caspio Bridge's back-end is built on Microsoft's .Net framework and Microsoft SQL Server. [3]

Caspio Bridge users also have access to ready-made applications. Such applications include website automation, task management, membership management, and lead generation. Additionally, the company builds specialized applications.

Current Platform Version

Caspio released version 6.5 of Caspio Bridge in October 2009. The version contains over 20 updates including;

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Deployment - Allows search engine crawlers to see the data served by Caspio and attribute it to a user's website.

AutoValues for Capturing User IP Addresses and Site URLs - Record the IP Address and Host of an application user for tracking or auditing purposes.

New Import Formats - Support for Microsoft Excel Workbooks, Fixed Width Text, and Custom XML for XML-structured data.

Secure User Blocking by IP Address - Denies access to specific IP addresses or IP ranges, or grants access to one or more IP address while blocking all others.

Dot NET Deployment - Deployment for Dot Net applications and systems such as Microsoft SharePoint or ASPX websites.


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