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Cheryl Fuerte also known as Pinay-Internaut Inday[1] is a Filipino web designer. She was one of the early pioneers in blogging in Philippine Internet History event before the term became popular in the Philippines, having created as a personal website in 1999[2][3] , as one of the most-awarded personal websites in Philippine Internet History[4].

She is also known to be the web designer behind the multi-awarded website[5], the official website of Philippine singer-actress Donna Cruz, which has received three Philippine Web Awards (see awards), twice defeating the Philippine TV broadcasting channel giant ABS-CBN under the Entertainment category.

Since late 2004, she has lived in Hong Kong where she works for Asian Entertainment e-commerce website YesAsia.


Young Web Designer as an Inspiration

While studying Computer Science at the De La Salle University College of Computer Studies in Manila in 1996, Cheryl started making websites, both her personal website and then a fan-based website for her favorite singer Donna Cruz as testing ground for her assignments and projects in the university. The websites were made very well that they started getting early big hits and visits, and soon enough the fan-based website for Donna Cruz became the official website of the singer-actress, for which it received multiple national web awards (see awards).

Being a repeat winner in the Philippine Web Awards[6], and having won multiple national web awards defeating companies and corporate website entries at such a young age of 21[7], influencing up and coming Filipino web designers, Cheryl was featured and interviewed by various publications and media in the Philippines. She was interviewed in Studio 23's Digital Tour and talked about "how Filipinos, regardless of their status, can utilize the Internet to share their knowledge and establish oneself"[8], and featured at Studio 23's morning show, Breakfast in December 2000. She was also featured in The Web Philippines Magazine's feature, Top Ten Web Artists To Watch Out For [9], The Manila Times article Webmasters of the Universe [10], Chalk Magazine[11],,, and Cosmopolitan Philippines[12], among many others.

She gave back to the young web designers community by being an original co-founding member of PhilWeavers[13] from 1999 to 2003, the biggest and oldest web design organization in the Philippines, along with other Filipino artists such as Gerry Alanguilan, Cynthia Bauzon-Arre, Jose Illenberger, Drew Europeo, and many more.

Awards - People's Choice Award at the 2nd Philippine Web Awards in 1999 [14] (Previously - People's Choice Award at the 3rd Philippine Web Awards in 2000 [15] (Previously - People's Choice Award at the 5th Philippine Web Awards in 2002 [16] - People's Choice Award at the 1st Philippine Web Awards in 1998 [17] - Best Website Award at the 2nd Philippine Web Awards in 1999 [18] - Best Website Award at the 4th Philippine Web Awards in 2001 [19] - People's Choice Award at the 2nd Philippine Web Awards in 1999 [20]

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