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Clarizen, Inc.
Type Privately-held
Founded 2005
Headquarters File:Flag of the United States.svg San Mateo, California
Industry Software
Products Project Management Software

Clarizen, Inc. is a work management and project management software company based in San Mateo, California. The company was founded in 2005 and the software was first released for public use in 2007. Clarizen provides on-demand, collaborative project execution software that allows businesses to manage all of their projects and resources in a single environment. Clarizen facilitates team collaboration and project execution, ensuring data is always up-to-date and aligned with business objectives.



Clarizen was founded by Avinoam Nowogrodski [1] , Co-founder of SmarTeam Corporation, and Tanya Epstein [2] , former Executive VP of SmarTeam Corporation. The software was first launched on October 16, 2007. Since then Clarizen been recognized by American Venture Magazine as one of the "Most Promising Start-Ups" in 2008 [3]. IDC named Clarizen in its Top 10 Most Innovative Applications Companies Under $100M to Watch in 2009 [4].


Clarizen is a completely web based (SaaS) collaborative work and project management solution that was built from the user up and puts tools in the hands of those who need them to do their jobs. Clarizen’s platform helps employees gain insight into their workload, facilitating team collaboration and project execution while ensuring that all tasks are aligned with overall business objectives. Clarizen combines work management and team collaboration with real-time business execution in a cloud-based application [5]. Notable among Clarizen's features are the ability of CAD designers attach CAD drawings to a project and to move between the project view and design view[6] and an E-mail reporting feature that allows project members to easy keep up-to-date [7]. There is also an open API for those who wish to integrate with existing project software.

The software allows its users to collaborate within their organization as well as with external organizations that are not necessarily signed up to the service. Using the ProjectMail function[8], users can update their progress on their work items without actually having to log into the system. In addition to strong set of collaboration tools, Clarizen offers a full range of project and work management tools including project scheduling, collaborative planning, time tracking, task management and budget tracking .


Project Scheduling

The Schedule (project management) functionality allows users to view and manage scheduling conflicts across multiple projects, resources and milestones for all aspects of online project scheduling – planning, resource load, task updates, scheduling conflicts and milestone progress.

Collaborative Planning

This feature automates contributions from team members to one master plan. A project manager may invite others to co-plan the project and work together by delegating work items and utilizing the project life cycle drafting modes.

Time Tracking

The time tracking feature provides users with automatically generated timesheets that are based on the corresponding project plan, resource load and pre-defined billing rates for resources, assigned tasks and work items.

Task Management

Task management encompasses the entire life cycle and functionality of task management starting from tasks sketching, defining the related timelines, due dates, dependencies, assignment of tasks to specific resources, changing tasks state and task completion.

Budget Tracking

The budget tracking feature allows for the definition of global organization billing rates as well as customizable billing rates based on a work item, task or resource role for both regular and overtime hours.

Reports & Dashboards

Project reports and dashboards are accessed through automated or customizable views inside Clarizen that provide fully updated progress reports in real time and cover items such as project critical deliverables, timelines, budgets, resource loads, deadlines and critical path overviews across all your live and active projects.


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