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Clean AJAX
Developer(s) Carlos Eduardo Gonçalves
Stable release 4.3 alpha / November 5, 2008; 389172744 ago
Type Ajax framework
License GPL

Clean AJAX is an open source, cross-browser Ajax engine, inspired by Java Message Service, that uses messages to control the requests. It is an easy to use solution that provides message queue, garbage collection, XSLT support, encryption, web service access, history and cache.



Clean AJAX was designed to represent Ajax requests as messages, which offers a well established model to deal with asynchronous communication. Messages offer a very flexible model, where the are users able to combine plain attributes to get many different behaviours at request and/or response.


Clean AJAX includes two open source projects as libraries. Google AJAXSLT project was added to Clean to grant XSLT support on browsers that don't have native support for it. Paul Johnstone JavaScript implementations for MD5 and SHA1 algorithms, were added to Clean Ajax to provide secure Ajax requests.

Its last version also includes support to the Open AJAX Hub library, that enables AJAX frameworks to share information and work together properly.


  • A high level of abstraction, you can use just one facade to work with Ajax.
  • Configuration by exception, the messages require minimum explicit configuration to work.
  • Simple way to customize message's behaviour and apply your own logic to them.
  • Multiple request handle, the engine is able to handle multiple requests simultaneously.
  • Exception handle, the engine is aware about exceptions that can occur and how to report them.
  • Trace console to monitor messages life cycle.
  • Cache and history control.
  • Message queue used to manage the requests.
  • Garbage collection.
  • Embedded XPath and XSLT features.
  • Request encryption (MD5 and SHA1).
  • Integration with web services based on SOAP, XML-RPC and JSON-RPC protocols.
  • Cross-browser implementation compatible with the major browsers.

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