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Clesh offers an online video editing tool for consumers and web communities. It is based on the same technology as FORscene (used in the professional market) and functions as a stand-alone platform or as a tool to enable other websites to offer their own video services independently.

The Clesh platform sits on the Cloud and video, audio, and still content can be uploaded via a standard web browser or client based software (for Firewire DV capture). The hosted material can then be reviewed, edited, and published entirely online from any location in the world using a Java enabled web browser.

Clesh supports storyboard shot selection, frame-accurate editing, transitions and various other controls such as; pan, zoom, colour and light correction, and audio levels. Content can be published in an array of formats such as a Podcast, Mpeg2, or in a format supported by all popular web browsers. All content is protected by personalised login and all content rights remain with the author.

Clesh may also be embedded as a component of other websites to provide tools for the management, editing, and publication of video content for a website's members and administrators alike. In this context Clesh provides additional support such as; re-branding for a consistent look and feel, seamless logon integration, and a moderation facility.



The service offers many advanced features including:

  • Real-time video rendering (including effects and transitions)
  • Multiple audio tracks
  • Secured log-on
  • Authors retain all rights to their footage
  • Frame accurate editing
  • Storyboard facility (annotate selected areas of video footage, assemble with drag-and-drop)
  • Import & hosting of media from DV tape and various video, audio, and still image format files
  • Publish to podcast (MPEG-4), MPEG-2, web (Java Applet), Flash, Ogg, and JPEG
  • Chatrooms (chat with other Clesh users and get product support)
  • Showreel (videos can be published to a public gallery)
  • Moderation (review of videos by a 3rd party prior to publication)


Clesh is based on the same technology as FORscene. An array of servers on the internet backbone hides functionality such as of storage, security, access and delivery from users accessing Clesh via a web browser.

User Interface

Access to Clesh is via a rich user interface. For example it supports drag and drop functionality. Assistance is provide via dynamic tool tips and the right mouse button is often used to access more advanced functions.


Date Event / Significant features
Jan 2006
  • Launch: First public release of Clesh.
  • Tiscali: ISP adopts Clesh to deliver video editing via its own website.
May 2006
  • Podcast: Publication of videos as podcasts (mpeg-4 format) now supported.
Jun 2006
  • Mr Paparazzi: Adoption of Clesh to deliver video editing / publishing for a website.
  • Moderation: Mechanism added to (optionally) have videos vetted prior to publication.
Jul 2006
  • Showreel: Videos can be made public by publishing them to the showreel.
Sep 2006
  • Chat: Provision of real-time chat facility with other users and platform support staff.
Dec 2006
  • Electronic Payment: Support added for electronic payment.
  • Storyboard: Means to create, label, select and reorder shots.
May 2007
  • Storyboard: Simpler storyboard gives more guidance making Clesh easier for novices.
Jun 2007
  • Clesh Moderation: Websites which make Clesh available to their users have a moderation option. Visitors can edit video in Clesh, drop edited video into the Clesh moderation bin, and managers can check (and further edit) before releasing them for publishing.
  • Mr Paparazzi: The Mr Paparazzi site works with Clesh to allow users to easily upload video footage and pictures to their website, edit them, and submit them for publishing.
Jul 2007
  • Showreel: Main page shows a selection of the top 100 videos, and the most recently published videos; viewers can also click through to see videos by their favourite authors. Forbidden's Java player rates videos automatically.
Aug 2007
  • Progress Bar: For videos published on the web mousing over the video during playback shows a novel progress bar, which indicates not only position in the video, but also hints at the video and audio content throughout the video.
  • Graphics: Graphics can be uploaded through the web interface and directly incorporated into the video track.
Nov 2007
  • Java Web Start: Sun's Java Web Start technology is available to all FORscene and Clesh users: the full performance is now available without configuration.
Dec 2007
  • Codec Upgrade: Clesh is upgraded to use the latest Blackbird 5 video compression. Web uploaded videos and images are now clearer with better texture, and the most active videos take less data when published using Clesh's integrated web publishing.
Jan 2008
  • Subscription Options: New subscription options are available. New users can open a free time-limited trial account, and customers can choose between the standard package or the premium service.
Feb 2008
  • Audio publishing: Audio quality in Clesh web publishing is improved. The previous maximum quality is now the lowest quality, with new medium and high quality options.
  • TrueTube: Education video site TrueTube deploys web-based video editing platform Clesh for use in schools and higher education.
  • Saturation: Right dragging horizontally in the video window sets the saturation, complementing the vertical control of black and white levels.
Mar 2008
  • New wipes: In addition to fades, dissolves, saturation control, brightness / contrast, and fast / slow motion, Clesh has 17 new real time wipe effects.
  • TrueTube award: TrueTube, which makes Clesh available to give children a voice in video, wins an at the Education Resources Awards.
  • User Interface Upgrade: Simpler experience for users new to video editing. Experienced users still have easy access to the full functionality.
Jul 2008
  • White Balance: Match up scenes shot in different light conditions.
  • JPEG Export: Publish and host stills from video footage.
Aug 2008
  • Colour Wheel/Fades: Fades can be achieved to/from any colour via the colour wheel and by picking colours direct from video frames.
Oct 2008
  • Titles: In addition to importing graphics additional built-in capabilities provide subtitle controls for foreground / background colours and transparency, fades in/out, justification and layout.

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