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Type Corporation
Founded Boulder, CO, USA (2004)
Headquarters Boulder, CO, USA

ClickCaster is an online application that allows rich media distribution via RSS. The system allows uploading of any file type, but the service is focused on audio and video podcasts.



ClickCaster was founded by Scott Converse, and was launched on 12 September, 2005[1]. In the early days, ClickCaster provided a turn-key web based podcasting solution. A Java based audio recorder embedded in a web application allowed users to create audio recordings, edit the recordings, encode them to MP3, upload them to the site and wrap them in RSS. The end result was a Podcast. A search engine to browse through uploaded content was provided, along with a web-based Podcatcher that allowed for syncing subscriptions to the users hard drive or portable media player. On May 9, 2007, the site underwent a new design and feature set catering to business and education. On April 1, 2008, ClickCaster (domain name and a software license to run the service) was sold to Nexplore Corporation ( of Frisco, Texas. The ClickCaster team remained intact and refocused its efforts into broadband video and renamed the company Medioh! (


ClickCaster offers a large variety of features that allow users to publish and track their rich media channels.

Sell Content

ClickCaster allows their users to put a price tag on their content and sell it to other users of the system.

Multiple Channels

Users of ClickCaster can organize content in containers known as Channels. A Channel is an RSS feed. Types of RSS Feeds or Channels include blogs, audio podcasts, video podcast, vidcasts, vodcasts and screencasts.


Users may tag their Channels.

Password Protected Channels

Users can provide a password for their Channels, making them available to only those with the password.

Detailed Tracking Statistics

ClickCaster users are provided with the tools to track the viewers, listeners and subscribers of their Channels. The detailed statistics break down page views, subscriptions and downloads on an overall or individual post basis. ClickCaster provides detailed graphing indicating which posts are downloaded and viewed the most broken down to the location of the viewers and listeners by Country and City. Viewers and listeners of the users Channels are also plotted on Google Maps.


An Explore section of the site is provided. This section is essentially a search engine that helps aid in finding content published by other users of the ClickCaster system, as well as content from RSS feeds all over the internet. There is a voting system in place that gives users the option to vote on the popularity of content. Sorting by audio or video content and popularity is supported. A system is in place to browse through content via tags, as well as the functionality to sort by new content for those that wish to see what's new on the system.

Feed Customization

A system to customize the look and feel of your Channels is provided. Upload your Channel and header logos, header background and gutters. Change the text colors, link colors, border, sidebar and post headers, along with the background color. Advanced options allow for custom CSS stylesheets. A blog style and a jukebox style view are available. Elect to display publisher and company information as well as information about yourself.

Embed your Media Channels

ClickCaster offers a variety of embeddable flash players to distribute your content on other web sites.

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