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File:Clusty-new-screenshot.png screenshot with the query "apricots"
Type of site metasearch engine
Available language(s) English
Owner Vivisimo
Created by Carnegie Mellon University researchers
Alexa rank 17,132

Clusty is a metasearch engine developed by Vivísimo which offers clusters of results. Vivísimo is a company built on Web search technology developed by Carnegie Mellon University researchers. Interestingly Lycos, a search engine that was popular a decade earlier, was also developed at the same university. Clusty adds new features and a new interface to the previous Vivisimo clustering web metasearch. Different tabs also offer metasearches for news, jobs (in partnership with, U.S. government info and blogs. Customized tabs allow users to select sources for their own metasearch to create personalized tabs.

Clusty has free toolbars for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox,[1][2] as well as a Mycroft Project search plugin for Mozilla and Firefox.[2]



A cluster is a group of similar topics that are related to the original query. The clusters are presented to the user through the Desktop metaphor of Folders. The aim of this search engine technique is to organize numerous search results into several meaningful categories (clusters).

The user benefits include:

  1. Get an overview of the available themes or topics.
  2. Via one or two clicks on a folder and subfolders, arrive at interesting search results that may be too far down in the ranking.
  3. View similar results together in folders rather than scattered throughout a list.

Search example

A search on Clusty for "Apricots" returns the clusters:

  • Dried (67)
  • Delicious (13)
    • Glazed (3)
    • Sweet, Juicy (3)
    • Fresh (4)
    • Kitchen (3)
    • Other Topics (2)
  • Orange (9)
  • Turkey, Export (11)
  • Chocolate, Dipped (12)
  • Fresh apricots (11)
  • Peaches, Nectarines (11)
  • Salad (7)
  • Apricots Know (7)
  • Chicken (7)

Many of these clusters can be opened, as "Delicious" has been, for further refinement.

Wii interface

File:Clusty Wii.PNG
Screenshot of Clusty's Wii interface with the query "apricots". The top ad has the cursor hovering over it.

Vivísimo has developed a Wii-friendly version of their Clusty search engine. The main differences are:

  • The whole search engine is themed to integrate better with the Wii's menus.
  • The first page only offers the basic company links and the search query box.
  • The clusters don't expand and also change their theme when the cursor is over each cluster.
  • Each link is boxed for easier visual recognisation when the cursor is over each one.
  • The fonts are sized for easier reading on a television.

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