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codeBeamer is a web based Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management tool for distributed software development, written in Java. It is developed and marketed by Intland Software. Its license is proprietary, but free versions and free hosting options are available. It won Jolt Productivity Award in 2005 and 2008; the 2008 DDJ reviewer, Gary Pollice, noted that CodeBeamer "stands out among the competition because of its ability to play nicely with other products", based on the availability of plug-ins for IDEs like Eclipse and NetBeans, and integration with Microsoft Word, and that praised the browser-based user interface for its ease of use.[1]

CodeBeamer is the engine that empowers the JavaForge free project hosting site and the developer portal of VirtueMart.

Notable codeBeamer users include Asus, Continental AG, Bayer, Sun Microsystems and Los Alamos National Laboratory. It is also used by non profit organizations, including SIPAM (Amazonian Protection System).



CodeBeamer features the following major functional components:

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  • (German) Review in iX Studie 03/2007, Collaboration-Software, pp. 193–215 (toc, pdf toc)

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