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Coggno course screenshot with Firefox
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Course Management System
License GPL
Website [1]

Coggno is an e-learning software platform and courseware creation toolkit, Learning Management System (also known as a Course Management System), and Virtual Learning Environment.


Coggno features

  • Text editor
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Podcast recording
  • SCORM Publisher
  • Activities
  • Audio tool
  • Video tool
  • Screen recording
  • Question bank
  • Test and assessment tools
  • Customization
  • RPX universal login

Pedagogical approach

Coggno provides a means to create and deliver online learning content, by harnessing the collective intellectual property of a given knowledge community. The Coggno LMS enables organizations and individuals simple tools to teach, evaluate, certify, and verify their membership, employees, students, or perspective employees.


The current architecture of Coggno's LMS is designed for the ordinary user, requiring no outside tech help to design and deploy e-learning courses, training, and other learning content. Coggno's system allows login and access to learning content. The LMS does not require administrators to send invitations, but rather allows access based on a secret code.

Coggno's RPX integration is another accessibility feature that provides universal login for all learners and course administrators. Through the RPX app, users can now access Coggno using identities from major sites such as Google, AOL, Yahoo!, Twitter, WordPress, MySpace, and Facebook. RPX allows Coggno learners and all users the option of signing up using identities from a range of sites, or to continue using an existing user ID.

RPX uses a range of protocols to authenticate a website's users, as well as automatic upgrading, simple testing, data synchronization for user profile updates, and no vendor lock-in.

Activities Feature

Coggno’s Activities tool aids the administrative responsibility of overseeing and guiding students in their learning process. The feature provides training administrators with a simple tool to track, in real time, the online course activities of students through a tab in the Coggno LMS interface. Using the feature, administrators can track student progress and activities to find out where each one is exceeding, and in what areas extra attention may be needed.

Application Exchange Partnership Approach

Coggno's Applications Exchange partnerships reflects Coggno's perspective that joining forces provides the best solution. Coggno has asserted that "Working together works."

The App Exchange model of partnering and vending of software solutions is meant to facilitate better performance, and bring together the collective power of combined software skills and know-how.

AppEx Partnerships

  • Simple SCORM Packager
  • Rapid Intake Unison
  • iContact
  • MedMovie
  • BB FlashBack

Rapid Intake Unison

Rapid Intake Unison allows course developers and subject matter experts to capture, storyboard, develop, review, test, and publish Flash-based learning content. However, no knowledge of Flash is necessary, since users only need to fill out form-based templates to create Flash-based courses, tests, quizzes, learning games, demos and simulations. Advanced users and groups can create reusable custom templates using the Flash source code (.fla). Keeping in line with Coggno's LMS and course creation toolkit, all output is SCORM compliant, rich-media compatible, and runs on most browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

BB FlashBack

BB FlashBack allows users to record everything seen on the PC screen. It also records commentary, PC sounds and webcam as picture-in-picture video to give course content a personal touch. Users are able to make a personal appearance in the course, providing demos and tutorials to students. BB FlashBack allows users to practice control over what students view by creating it themselves, rather than relying on stock simulations and demos.

Webcam Recording allows for the user to create his or her own webcam video. Sound recording allows users to read a commentary at the same time as the screen is being recorded, using a microphone, microphone headset or other hardware. Movies are able to be saved as Flash, QuickTime (H264), Windows Media Video (WMV), AVI, or EXE. Users can add text, sound, images, and 'zoom & pan' effects. They are also able to edit multi track audio and video side by side.

BB FlashBack records high frame rate movies without affecting PC performance—even on lower powered PCs. BB users have successfully recorded large animations with which other screen recorders experienced problems. BB's annotation, editing and effects features allow Coggno's course creators to frame and fashion movies for courseware.

Coggno Marketplace

Coggno combines data management and authoring capabilities with e-commerce technologies. It enables learning content to be an asset that can be monetized in ways Coggno has asserted have never been used before, leveraging the power of the internet to facilitate the delivery and acquisition of learning content.

Coggno allows course creators to create and brand their own learning content, customizing it for in-house purposes, syndication, or publishing on the Coggno Marketplace. Using this model, course creators and administrators maintain full control over their learning material.

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Official Coggno resources
  • [2] - Original developer's site
  • [3] - Coggno Service Agreement
  • [4] - Coggno Marketplace

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