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Colayer Web Conversations
Type Proprietary company
Founded 2000, Incorporated 2004
Headquarters Zurich, Switzerland
Key people Markus Hegi, Founder & CEO
Siddhi Nagaonkar, Director
Industry Knowledge management
Information Technology
Web 2.0
Employees 40 (2009)
Subsidiaries Colayer India

Colayer GmbH is a software product company, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, founded in 2000 by Markus Hegi, the current CEO. Colayer GmbH also has a subsidiary, Colayer Web Conversations Private Limited located in Pune, India.



  • 1999: The visions and concepts, which eventually became Colayer, were worked out by founder, Markus Hegi, and a small working prototype was developed on his laptop.
  • 2000-2003: Markus Hegi founded Metalayer AG[1], to work further on his ideas & concepts. The development of these concepts started as a collaboration tool prototype, referred to as "The metalayer Comty Hub". Additionally, the exploration of suitable technologies were taken out for further scalability of the platform.
  • 2004-2006: In 2004, Colayer GmbH was established by the same founder who started Metalayer. The management team decided to develop the entire platform to C++ architecture from the ASP.NET model. The focus was to build the core of the Colayer, a robust Web 2.0 platform for the social web.
  • 2009: Colayer offers a broad platform to build interactive social Web 2.0 environments. Just like PHP, Coldfusion, ASPX and JSP for the dynamic web, Colayer aims to be the environment for creating any type of Social networking websites and applications. Recently, a discussion started about the similarities of Colayer and Google Wave.[2][3][4]

Colayer platform

Colayer provides a platform for business enterprises to communicate, collaborate & co-create. Colayer has revolutionized the way global businesses interact by integrating the most powerful web technologies 2.0, to come up with the contextualized collaborative software-- enabling businesses from different geographical locations to connect and share the intellectual insight of experts and helping like minded people to achieve their common goals. Colayer (or Collaboration layer) is also the name of the product, it's a social web software that can be used to create a virtual organisation.[5] The software integrates many communication needs of an organization. It offers content management system[6], virtual conferencing (online meetings, email and SMS notification)[7], reporting and statistical analysis.


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