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CollegeBlender (
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CollegeBlender was launched on November 24, 2009, replacing The College Blog Network that opened in late January 2008 [1], and features college student, alumni, and faculty blogs and forum posts from around the country.

Compared to The College Blog Network, CollegeBlender is a more robust online community, takes the blog network a step further by adding advanced commenting, an iframe toolbar, an improved user interface, an open discussion forum, and a planned section for campus-specific tweets. Like TCBN, CollegeBlender is exclusive to college students[2], but provides a central location for all people interested in college to get the dirt on what is going at their college and others. What makes CollegeBlender unique is that it allows users to rate and tag each other's blog posts, comments, and forum posts, making it a true user-driven community.

CollegeBlender lets college students connect[3] with other bloggers at their school and other schools[4] around the country[5].

CollegeBlender serves as a tool for colleges and a community for users[6] that wish to share their thoughts and work with other higher-education individuals around the country. Unlike some sites, CollegeBlender does not aim to detract traffic from its member blogs but rather to aid in the discovery of member blogs. This results in increased traffic to CollegeBlender member blogs and a true respect for showing content "in its intended form."

CollegeBlender serves many purposes- it connects current students with other bloggers, serves as a resource for prospective students and parents, aids admissions offices, and helps professors and faculty share their work with their school and other schools around the country.

The site helps connect people who would otherwise be unable to find one another amid the hundreds of millions of college blogs and forums on the internet.[7].


With RIT as the first participating school in the network, CollegeBlender has expanded to include more than 400 participating college blogs across North America.

BlogWire is the only RSS feed on the internet that aggregates college student blogs exclusively[8].

CollegeBlender has been referred to as "Facebook for bloggers." [9]


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