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Comeau C/C++ is a C and C++ compiler produced by Comeau Computing (whose CEO, Greg Comeau, provided one of the early ports of cfront to the PC).[1][2] It is widely regarded as the most standards-conformant C++ compiler.[3] It is the only mainstream C++ compiler to fully support the export keyword for exported templates.[4][5]

The compiler supports several dialects of both the C and C++ languages. It comes with its own version of the Standard C++ library, libcomo, that is based upon the Standard C++ library from Silicon Graphics, but can also be used with the Dinkumware Standard C library.[3][1]

A limited-function version of the compiler, which allows one to compile source code and view any resulting error messages, but not to produce executable programs, is available from the company's web site.[1]

The compiler is based upon the Edison Design Group C++ frontend, also utilized in the Intel C++ Compiler. Rather than produce an executable directly, Comeau C/C++ outputs C code and requires a separate C compiler in order to produce the final program. Unlike the Intel compiler, Comeau C/C++ can employ several back ends.[6][3]

The compiler is available for both Unix and Microsoft Windows platforms. Comeau also offers custom ports to other platforms, albeit that this is substantially more expensive than buying existent versions of the compiler.[3]


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