Comedy 23/6

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Comedy 23/6
File:Comedy 23-6 logo.png
Slogan Some of the News, Most of the Time
Commercial? Free with advertisements
Type of site News
Registration Optional
Available language(s) Template:English
Owner Comedy News Ventures, Inc.
The Huffington Post
Launched 9 November 2007
Alexa rank 17682
Current status Active

Huffington Post Comedy 23/6 is a satirical news and opinion website developed by Barry Diller's IAC/InterActiveCorp and The Huffington Post launched on November 9, 2007.[1][2] Published by Arianna Huffington and edited by former Daily Show writer Jason Reich, the site features daily news coverage, original video, and a group blog known as “The Room.”

Bloggers for the site include Bill Maher, Tracey Ullman, Mike Birbiglia, Taylor Negron, Greg Fitzsimmons, and Paula Poundstone.[3]


Dickipedia - A Wiki of Dicks is a parody collection of satirical biographies "about people who are dicks" produced by the writers of Comedy 23/6. It is self-described as "a monolingual (English), Web-based, free content encyclopedia project, ...[which] does not contain information about people who are detectives".[4]


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