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The following is a list of notable software for running a BitTorrent tracker.

Tracker Programming Language License Operating System Support Description
Atrack[1] Python Public Domain/MIT Google App Engine, (or any host with Python and memcached) Minimalist tracker designed to run efficiently on App Engine relying on memcached for all storage.
BNBT[2] C++ LGPL Windows, (Linux or Mac?) BNBT is a complete port of the original Python BitTorrent tracker to C++ using the STL for data storage and basic network sockets for network communication.
Gazelle[3] PHP Template:Proprietary Freeware Linux Uses MySQL for data storage, supported by
LeonidasP2P[4] ASP .NET 2.0 Microsoft Reciprocal License Windows (Mac and Linux?) Based on phpMyBitTorrent
LimeTracker[5] PHP LGPL Windows, Linux, Mac Optionally uses MySQL for data storage, uses Symfony framework, sponsored by LimeWire
mod bt[6] C Apache License Linux (Mac and Windows?) Apache 2.X module, setup through Apache configuration file
MonoTorrent[7] C# MIT Windows, Linux (using Mono), Mac Uses Mono for cross-platform support (.NET)
Opentracker[8] C Beerware Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac, Solaris,… Uses libowfat[9], performs well even on embedded hardware. Only requirement is a POSIX compliant OS.
OpenTracker[10] PHP ? Not Specified Windows, Linux, Mac Uses MySQL for data storage, lightweight and simple
PeerTracker[11] PHP GPL Cross-platform Extremely lightweight and efficient BitTorrent tracker. Supports SQLite3, MySQL and soon PostgreSQL for storage.
phpMyBitTorrent[12] PHP GPL Windows, Linux, Mac Uses MySQL for data storage
RivetTracker[13] PHP GPL Windows, Linux, Mac Uses MySQL for data storage, support for RSS feeds, HTTP seeding, detailed statistics, uses web-interface
µTorrent[14] C++ Template:Proprietary Freeware Windows, Linux (using Wine), Mac (Intel only) Has a web interface or list of hosted torrents; it is not designed for secure or large-scale application
Vuze[15] Java GPL Windows, Linux, Mac Vuze (formerly Azureus) has a built in tracker.
XBNBT[16] C++ LGPL Windows, Linux, Mac Modified version of BNBT, uses flat-file or MySQL for data storage
XBT Tracker[17][18] C++ GPL Windows and Linux Uses MySQL for data storage, lightweight tracker


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