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The following tables compare general and technical information for a number of Online analytical processing (OLAP) servers. Please see the individual products articles for further information.


General Information

OLAP Server Company Website Latest stable version Software license
Microsoft Analysis Services Microsoft [1] 2008 Proprietrary
Essbase Oracle [2] 9 Proprietrary
TM1 IBM [3] 9.5 Proprietary
Mondrian OLAP server Pentaho [4] EPL
Palo Jedox [5] GPL v2 or EULA
Oracle OLAP Option Oracle [6] 11.1 Proprietrary
Microstrategy OLAP Services Microstrategy [7] 9 Proprietrary
SAS OLAP Server SAS Institute [8] Proprietrary

Data storage modes

Microsoft Analysis Services Yes Yes Yes Local cubes
Essbase Yes No Yes
TM1 Yes No No
Mondrian OLAP server No Yes No
Palo Yes No No
Oracle OLAP Option No Yes No
Microstrategy OLAP Services Yes Yes No
SAS OLAP Server Yes Yes Yes

APIs and query languages

APIs and query languages OLAP servers support.

OLAP Server XML for Analysis OLE DB for OLAP MDX Stored procedures Custom functions
Microsoft Analysis Services Yes Yes Yes .NET[9] Yes[10]
Essbase Yes Yes Yes Java Yes
TM1 Yes Yes Yes No -
Mondrian OLAP server Yes Yes[11] Yes ? -
Palo Yes Yes Yes ? -
Oracle OLAP Option No Yes[12] Yes[12] ? -
Microstrategy OLAP Services ? ? ? ? -
SAS OLAP Server Yes Yes Yes No No

OLAP features

OLAP Server Parent-child hierarchies Semi-additive measures Write-back Partitioning
Microsoft Analysis Services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Essbase Yes Yes Yes Yes
TM1 Yes Yes Yes No
Mondrian OLAP server Yes ? No No
Palo ? ? ? ?
Oracle OLAP Option No No ? ?
Microstrategy OLAP Services ? ? No ?

System limits

OLAP Server # cubes # measures # dimensions # hierarchies in dimension # levels in hierarchy # dimension members
Microsoft Analysis Services[13] 2,147,483,647 2,147,483,647 2,147,483,647 2,147,483,647 2,147,483,647 2,147,483,647
Essbase[14]  ?  ?  ? 256  ? 20,000,000 (ASO), 1,000,000 (BSO)
SAS OLAP Server[15]  ? 1024 128 128 19 2,147,483,648


OLAP Server Authentication Network encryption Data access
Cell security Dimension security Visual totals
Microsoft Analysis Services NTLM and Kerberos SSL and SSPI Yes Yes Yes
Essbase Essbase authentication ? Yes No No
Oracle OLAP Option Oracle database authentication ? Yes ? No
SAS OLAP Server[16] Host authentication, LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory Yes[17] No Yes Yes

Operating systems

The operating systems the OLAP servers can run on.

OLAP Server Windows Linux UNIX z/OS
Microsoft Analysis Services Yes No No No
Essbase Yes Yes Yes No
TM1 Yes ? ? No
Mondrian OLAP server1 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Palo Yes ? ? No
Oracle OLAP Option Yes Yes Yes ?
Microstrategy OLAP Services Yes ? ? No
SAS OLAP Server Yes Yes Yes Yes

Note (1):The server availability depends on Java Virtual Machine not on the operating system</cite>

Support information

OLAP Server Issue Tracking System Forum/Blog Source code Pricing
Microsoft Analysis Services Connect [1] Closed [2]
Essbase no [3] Closed [4]
TM1 no [5] Closed
Mondrian OLAP server Jira [6] Open -
Palo Mantis [7] Open -
Oracle OLAP Option no [8] Closed [9]
Microstrategy OLAP Services no Closed
SAS OLAP Server Closed


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