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Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS)

The following table lists all existing Vinyl Emulation Software which comes with specific time coded vinyls (Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS))

Manufacturer Product Name Related software Webpage Available External Audio card
Atomix Productions Virtual DJ Timecoded Vinyl Virtual DJ Virtual DJ Software No
Intimidation Touch DVS Record Touch DVS Touch DVS TouchDVS interface
M-Audio Torq Control Vinyl Torq DJ software M-Audio Digital DJ Torq Conectiv
Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro Traktor Pro Traktor Scratch Pro Audio 8 DJ or Audio 4 DJ
Numark Virtual Vinyl CUE Numark Virtual Vinyl DJiO (with Virtual Vinyl - Rear Connections)
Rane Scratch Live Control Vinyl Scratch Live Scratch Live Rane SL1 or Rane SL3
Stanton FS Scratch Record Traktor FS Stanton Standard Record ScratchAmp
Stanton FS 1.0 Record FinalScratch 1.0 (Linux) Stanton Standard Record ScratchAmp

Software Only

This table presents all "Software-only" Digital Vinyl System Solutions. (Note that software solutions presented here are these which are "controllable" through a time-coded vinyl)

Manufacturer Software Webpage
Image line Deckadance
Adion djDecks
Mark Hills xwax
The Mixxx team Mixxx

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