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Developer(s) Concursive Corporation
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Social networking

ConcourseConnect was developed by Concursive Corporation (noted for their Open Source CRM ConcourseSuite) and is a platform for deploying large scale web-based communities. The platform is unique because it integrates Customer Relationship Management software with a front-facing Social Networking application, providing data integration between two separate business scenarios and allowing both the end-user and administrator to better benefit from transparent social associations.



At the center of ConcourseConnect is a community creation platform with an integrated business directory front-end that provides intuitive searching and viewing of all community content. On the backend, ConcourseConnect communities integrate with a powerful suite of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and a comprehensive management console.

During installation the software can be configured for one of several purposes, including:

The modules are based on the Java Portlet Specification and can be configured and arranged within the embedded Enterprise portal. The features include:

Software Requirements

The product is a pure-Java server-side web application and will run on any platform where Java (JDK 5 or better) is installed.

  • Databases


ConcourseConnect was built to tie into ConcourseSuite (Concursives' CRM Software) which allows its robust capabilities and features to work together seamlessly. ConcourseConnect is derived from Concursive's Open Source Software Team Elements software product[1]. The Team Elements source code has been available since August, 2004[2][3]. On March 27, 2009, Concursive rebranded the product as ConcourseConnect and publicly released the product as beta, encouraging community members to collaborate and help refine the product. ConcourseConnect compares to Socialtext, Jive Software's Clearspace, Elgg, and Yelp!.

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